Oh my Zombie Demo Version 0.015

Hi gals and guys,

the "Oh My Zombie"-Demo Version 0.015 is available now. Check out the list of changes below:


  • PukeAttack: made shure enemy can't get damage from particles twice.
  • Made shure player can't jump when his health is zero.
  • EnemyRadar: make shure dead enemys are not getting tracked.
  • Made shure the player cant eat when health is zero.
  • The colliders of dead enemys are getting disable now.

General changes:

  • Extended the demo level with lots of places to explore.

New features:

  • Added hunger to the game: player is loosing health when the hunger bar gets empty.
  • PukeAttack is now draining the stomach.
  • Enemy remains can now be destroy by attacking them twice with the melee attack.
    They will break apart in it's bones and skull, which can be collected then.
  • Collectable pills are added to the game. They will serve as a currency later on. Pills are getting dropped by dead enemys.
  • Added a inventory to the player, items can be collected, used and dropped.
  • Unlocking skills is now removing required skulls from the inventory.
  • The throw-bone-attack is now consuming bones from the inventory.
  • Enemys have now a area of sight, which within they will detect and hunt down the player.

Have fun with the new "Oh my Zombie"-demo-version and make shure to give me some feedback. It is always appreciated! Stay healthy and save folks.

Yours, Tobi Preacher


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May 06, 2020

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