Oh my Zombie Version 0.014

Hi gals and guys,

Oh My Zombie Version 0.014 is available now.
Check out the list of changes below:

- fixed player was able to attack an enemy with the melee attack, despite not facing him.

General changes:
- added sound effect for the players melee attack.

New features:
- new player-attack "throw bone": the player throws a bone which will return like a boomerang and hurt himself, if it doesn't hit the enemy.

- new player-attack "puke-attack": the player can puke vomit on the enemy, which will delivere a big damage amount.

- new player-attack "virus-attack": the player can release a huge virus droplet transmission, which targets the closest enemy.

Have fun with the new "Oh my Zombie"-demo-version and make shure to give me some feedback.
It is always appreciated! Stay healthy and save folks.

Yours, Tobi Preacher


OhMyZombie.zip 39 MB
Apr 09, 2020

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